The 4 broad categories into which all films will be slotted are

Gems from the past

Films made before time but got buried deep down. It gives us great pride in unearthing & showcasing these hidden gems while also remembering to validate & applaud their brilliant makers.

Off the beaten path

Non conforming, Experimental & Unapologetic. Aren’t we always up for innovative content that stir up a storm. Journey along with these radical story tellers.

New Discoveries

Fresh films & Fresh filmmakers. What makes these coming of age creators tick? Watch out for these dreamers who are breaking barriers & unfolding new perspectives in story telling.

Pocket Films

A handpicked curation in an exclusive Pocket Films playlist showcasing short format content on Bandra Film Festival YouTube channel.


An incredible never seen before selection of the upcoming gen next filmmakers from one of Asia’s largest and most renowned film schools, Whistling Woods International.

Going to School

A inspiring collaboration to centerstage films supporting a social cause & sustainable living.

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