Independence Day Special at the Bandra Film Festival​

'I am Kalam & Riding on a Sunbeam' to be screened live 15th August onward​

Bandra Film Festival

Aug 15th 2021

Seventy-Five years ago, India celebrated it's freedom and today on Independence day, we see the Pandemic outbreak has trapped the entire world. The best way to celebrate & envision a fresh future of independence is low-profile at your home with your family. One can be indoors with a bowl of popcorn and watch the Bandra Film Festivals Independence Day line up -these beautiful patriotic movies that made their mark in the hearts of all.​

The 'Patriotic Passion' themed line up has 'I Am Kalam' a story of a poor boy, who is so inspired by former President APJ Abdul Kalam that he starts calling himself by the same name starring Harsh Mayar and Gulshan Grover directed by Nila Madhab Panda.

'Riding on a Sunbeam': Journeys through Space, Time, Life and Love - a special and exciting travel documentary film of how the two protagonists explore the many little pockets that form the mosaic of the Indian land.​

Talking about I am Kalam Director, Nila Madhab Panda, said, "This film is extremely special as it was my debut film and it received lots of love from the audience, critics and even from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. People often see actors or sports persons as their heroes or role models, but I wanted to show a real hero. He is a superstar. So despite not being part of the film, Dr Kalam is omnipresent in it. You search for Spider-Man, Superman, Iron Man in a film. My Superman is Dr Kalam. Where he came from and what he achieved - he rewrote his destiny by sheer hard work. He taught common people to dream. Extremely delighted that the movie still resonates with so many and a wider audience will now get a chance to view it via the Bandra Film Festival"​

Director, Brahmanand S Siingh on Riding on a Sunbeam, "Thank You Bandra Film Festival, I am happy to see my film being showcased under the Patriotic Passion category. This is a film that captures the social, cultural, economic and religious contradictions of modern-day India through the eyes of two backpacking protagonists. Films and content like these have the power to change the way we look at things, cinema being an amazingly powerful medium to capture and share it with millions...hope entertainment in Bollywood goes beyond the cliched content and extends to ideas like these!"